A New York court ruled against granting additional financial support for an ex-wife who was not working. The New York Law Journal reported in a September 19th, 2011 article that an ex-wife petitioned the court to have her ex-husband support her financially because she was not working and during the marriage he was the primary caregiver.
After applying the spousal support formula and guidelines established under the Domestic Relations Law 236B (5-a), the court ruled that the ex-wife was entitled to $12,500 for monthly maintenance but additional support would be “inappropriate.” The court specifically stated that the ex-wife should not receive additional funds because both the ex-wife’s and children of the marriage’s need were both met by the monthly maintenance sum.
The court did rule that the ex-husband was to pay for the ex-wife’s legal fees since she “lacked sufficient funds of her own to compensate counsel without depleting her limited assets.”
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