adoptionA New York woman’s petition to have her adoption repealed was denied for not having a legal ground for such action, as reported by the New York Law Journal in an October 29, 2012 news article.

The 66 year old woman was adopted by her stepmother 42 years ago with the woman’s consent to the adoption. Now the woman is seeking to have the adoption repealed on the grounds that she has no connection with her stepmother and she was unaware that her biological mother would be removed from her birth certificate.

Based on the Domestic Relations Law, the 1970 adoption could not be voided because the woman did not provide evidence that demonstrated a legal reason to do so. The court reasoned that an adoption could only be repealed if it was found that there was fraud or newly discovered evidence that effected the signing of the adoption. The court found that the woman did not submit any evidence that showed either of these claims were true. Due to the lack of evidence the court denied the woman’s petition and the adoption status was upheld.

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