Two New York children were denied their mother’s petition for a first and surname name change, as reported in the New York Law Journal on November 7, 2012.

Although the father of the children consented to the name change the New York courts found that the change was not in the best interest of the children. Originally the mother sought to have the eldest daughter’s name change to reflect her father’s surname as her own. However, the other children were added to the petition as well.

Upon reviewing the application the court found that there was no genuine reason for the change to take place. The mother argued that the children were bullied and teased by the neighborhood children because of their names.  This was the sole reason that the mother presented to the court.

In conclusion the court ruled to deny the petition of two out of the three children’s name change request. The court granted the older daughter to take on her father’s surname as her own. However, the court found that since the other changes did not reflect either of the parents’ names it was not in the best interest to permit the change.

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