New York mother sought to hold her child’s father in contempt for willfully violating a visitation order, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a December 17, 2012 article.

While both parents had joint legal custody, the father had physical custody and the mother had reasonable visitation rights. The visitations were to take place at the local police station. In the original order, the mother was to “make a good faith effort to contribute to the cost of transportation” for these meetings.

The mother claimed that the father should be held in contempt after he failed to take the child to the visitation meetings. The father contested these allegations claiming that multiple times he appeared at the time and place scheduled but the mother would fail to appear. Furthermore, he submitted evidence showing that the mother had made no effort or attempt to pay for the cost of transportation. The father further demonstrated that without some financial assistance from the mother he could not continue to pay for visitations.

Family court ruled for the mother’s petition to be dismissed in addition changed the location of the visitation location to the county where the child and father resided.

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