In terms of transportation safety, taxicabs are ordinarily conceived to be a relatively accident prone mode of transportation when contrasted with alternative means of vehicular transportation. However, according to a report by Schaller Consulting, there is statistical data to prove that hiring a taxicab is much safer than using personal transportation. The report suggests that owing to the long hours spent behind the wheel, i.e. up to 3000 hours per year, taxicab drivers are more experienced than other drivers when it comes to understanding the flow of city traffic, the rules and norms of the road and the traffic situation during rush hours. Since their livelihood is dependent on their ability to drive while obeying traffic rules, cab drivers tend to be more careful than the ordinary driver. Moreover, taxicabs and liveries are under constant scrutiny of the Taxi and Limousine Commission and auto insurance carriers.

In 2004, crash rates for taxicabs and liveries were a third that of other vehicles. The statistical claim is further strengthened by corroborating data that suggests that taxi and livery crashes have declined by 12% from 2003 to 2004, and by 30% since 1999. This remarkable drop can be attributed to the increased monitoring and supervision of auto-insurance agencies as well as the imposition of a tight ceiling on the number of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) points a driver can accumulate before losing their license.

Further statistics reveal that for an individual who takes 100 cab trips per year, the rate of injury would be an insignificant 0.4% at the current crash rates. However, despite these impressive statistics and figures, the report also outlines that there is a downside to the use of taxicabs. The severity of injuries caused as a result of taxicab accidents is greater than those caused by other vehicles. In addition, though taxicabs are less likely to hit pedestrians, the number of taxicabs hitting cyclists is fairly large. This apparent contradiction is due to the diminished use of seat belts in taxis, coupled with the presence of the safety partition in a taxi that passengers have a chance of colliding with.


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