Today, there are more and more medical malpractice cases pending due to injuries resulting from the physician deviating from the standard of care that is exemplified in the field. As a result, these cases usually take a while before they are actually litigated. Thus, the Unified Court System is trying to make the process simpler, and it recently made “a new form available to litigators,” which will state when the case is scheduled for, who are the parties in the case, which judge is assigned to the case, and who the attorneys are for each side, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a September 6, 2013 news article.

In addition, the court has also provided instructions as to what should occur if the parties decide to settle before the case is actually in the litigation phase. Furthermore, this form will allow attorneys to prove that they are already on a medical malpractice case as this paper states when the case is in court. This form is not mandatory as yet, thus if the parties do not have or fill out this form, they will not be punished.

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