After a divorce, a person is usually ordered by the court to provide alimony or spousal support to his or her former spouse.  There are four types of alimony that a court can award: temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, permanent alimony and reimbursement alimony.  Temporary alimony lasts for a brief time, usually during the pending divorce action, and rehabilitative alimony provides support to a former spouse until the spouse is able to stand on his or her two feet and become independent. Permanent alimony is very rare and it is alimony that is paid to the spouse that has the smaller income and it is usually paid until one of the parties die, the recipient remarries or if the court alters the arrangement.  Reimbursement alimony is alimony that reimburses a spouse for bills that were paid during the marriage such as tuition costs.  Also, the type of alimony that is awarded in each state varies.

Currently, New Jersey is one of the states that award permanent alimony to marriages that lasted at least ten years. Recently lawmakers introduced a proposal to modify the requirement for permanent alimony, as reported by in a March 20, 2013 article. They want permanent alimony to be awarded for marriages that lasted at least twenty years rather than the current ten years.  The sponsors of the bill feel that it is unfair to force someone to support his or her ex-spouse for the rest of his or her life or until there is a change in the order which is very rare.

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