Every day, New Yorkers strive to be a viable part of society. Some go to work, and others go to school. Then there are those who go to work, at school. Throughout the normal course of the day, citizens may become injured during their daily routines. Sometimes, these accidents may not be avoided. In other instances, accidents are due to the negligence of the parties involved. The accidents involving negligent actions may be prevented, with due care. Due care is actions that a reasonable person would exercise in a particular situation, while taking others safety into account. Usually, if there is a situation in court in which one party has used due care, then the other side cannot claim that there was negligence on the other party’s side.

According to the New York Law Journal, in September 2013, Carter v. Uniondale Free School District, due care was not taking by the defendant. Uniondale Free School District, the defendant, offered wrestling matches as part of a physical education course.   Although the students were instructed on the precautionary techniques to perform, there was insufficient supervision. Therefore the school was declared negligent.

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