Defective products, items such as a car, a baby seat or a ceiling fan, are not always designed properly or face operating faults. Too often, people suffer injuries and loss of life because of defective products. A case is now starting in Minnesota as reported on January 8, 2015 by the Star Tribune that involved a car crash. A man was driving on the off-ramp of a highway when his car accelerated, sideswiping a car, and crashing into another one, causing three deaths. The man driving the car was convicted of vehicular homicide and served time in prison.

After two-and-a-half years of his prison sentence, the man’s charges were dropped, and he was freed. Around this time, Toyota began to recall vehicles of the same make, the Camry, of select model years because there was the danger that they would suddenly accelerate. Even though the man’s 1996 Camry was not recalled, other drivers of that year Camry have reportedly experienced sudden unintended acceleration. The company has paid large fines related to this defect and is facing hundreds of lawsuits.

In the Minnesota lawsuit, the driver, a crash survivor and the family of those who died are now suing Toyota. They claim that two pulleys, that control the accelerator overheated and malfunctioned, causing the car to accelerate even though there is evidence, show the brakes were used. Toyota plans to argue that this accident was the driver’s fault. The car manufacturer claims that the car did not malfunction. It had been working for 177,000 miles, after all. Toyota will argue that the driver got surprised by the number of cars of the off-ramp and so he pushed on the accelerator by accident and not the brake. The judge has asked the jury to only focus on this case, not the driver’s prison time and not the recalls (unless they are used as relevant evidence, of course).

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