According to an article published in the New York Law Journal, dated November 23, 2012 (, an injured patient filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. The plaintiff filed a motion to avoid having to serve a fourth supplemental bill of particulars to the defendant, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. The plaintiff also claimed that the NYU failed to properly follow orders and procedures and failed to properly care for the patient or provide post operative instructions. The plaintiff further claimed that the defendants failed to properly treat his finger which resulted in necrosis and a partial amputation of his right pinky finger. The plaintiff also stated that the doctor, Dr. Tambakis failed to maintain “the finger splinted for an additional six weeks after the initial period of splinting.” The court found that the opinions of Dr. Tambakis’ and the plaintiff’s expert witnesses conflicted and presented an issue of fact of whether the failure to re-splint the finger deviated from the standard of care within the profession. Ultimately, the court decided that the defendant’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss the complaint was denied.

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