It is said that a mother has a natural instinct to protect her children from any harm. So when Trisha Conlon learned that her ex-husband was living with a woman, Kristine Crushing, who had killed her own two children years ago Ms. Conlon’s motherly instincts kicked into high gear, as reported in a New York Times article published on July 30th, 2011.

After gaining knowledge from the Washington’s Child Protective Services, that her ex-husband, Joshua P. Crushing, was once again living with his first wife Kristine Crushing, Ms. Conlon immediately petitioned the courts to modify a current child-custody. Ms. Conlon argued that it was not safe for her children to reside with a woman who had been tried for shooting her own daughters in their sleep.
Mr. Crushing argued, on behalf of Ms. Crushing, that those charges had been dropped because Ms. Crushing was found to be temporarily insane at the time of the killings. Furthermore, Mr. Crushing argued that Ms. Crushing had served approximately five years at a state mental institution and discharged.
However, the main argument that persuaded the courts to favor Mr. Crushing’s side was the fact that Ms. Crushing had been living with Ms. Conlon’s two sons for nearly two years without any implications that harm had been done.
The presiding commissioner of the case stated in the written opinion that although Ms. Conlon’s emotional response to the news was understandable, from the legal objective point there was no reason found to alter the current custody agreement.
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