A Florida mother faces jail time for preventing her child from seeing her grandparents, as reported by the Click Orlando in an online news article published March 27, 2013.

The grandparents have been fighting to gain visitation rights over the child since the death of their son, the child’s father, in 2008.  Since the father’s death, the mother has prevented the child from seeing their paternal grandparents. The grandparents filed a complaint seeking visitation rights in Florida and were awarded a child visitation order.  However, the mother still refused to allow the visitation to occur. The mother’s willful violation resulted in her spending six months in jail.

The mother argued that she does not want her daughter to visit her grandparents because the mother’s daughter is always upset when she returns. Specifically, the mother claims that the child will return home very quiet and scared, completely different from how she left. Now the grandparents are taking further legal actions and trying to have the child returned to Illinois to live with them. The mother argued that the grandparents are only acting this way because they are grieving over the death of their son. Furthermore, the mother showed evidence where she had given the grandparents full consent to come visit the child in Florida, yet they refused.  At this time, there are no charges filed against the mother.