A mother is suing, on behalf of her daughter, after the girl’s doctor misdiagnosed her leaving her child brain-damaged, as reported by the Lowell Star in a February 27, 2013 online news article.

The child, who is now 15, sought the medical aid of the doctor after becoming extremely ill. The doctor conducted an examination and claimed that the girl just suffered from severe allergies. According to the court documents the mother requested that more medical tests be done, but the doctor refused. The doctor instead prescribed medication and sent the girl home. Two days later the mother found her daughter having a seizure on the floor. The mother rushed her child to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with viral meningitis.

Due to the seizure, the child spilled into a coma; she woke three weeks later but suffered a brain injury. Medical records show that the former doctor made a note that one possibility of the child’s illness was viral meningitis, but ruled it out and did not perform a spinal tap. The mother is now seeking $14 million from the former doctor and hospital to cover the lifetime care that the daughter now requires. The child has started to learn to walk, eat and talk on her own again, but is still dependent on her mother’s care. The court is currently scheduling a trial date for the matter.

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