Many couples get separated after having a baby, and with the separation comes the child support obligation. One of the parents, either the mother or the father, has to pay support for the child, most likely the father will; and most definitely if the father is a millionaire.

According to a case reported on April 19, 2013 by the New York Law Journal article “a father who has the custody of his son the majority of the year cannot be made to pay child support to the son’s mother, even though the father has $20 million in assets, and the mother has no income at all.”

Della Salla, the father of the child has $20 million in assets, an apartment in midtown Manhattan and a house in New Jersey. According to the court, he cannot be made to pay child support because the child spends 56 percent of the time with his father. Mara Rubi the mother of the child has not had a job since 2001 and had been living off of her ex-husband’s money.

According to the article the custody of the child was given to the father because his mother could not afford to live with the child and the father does not have to pay any more money to the mother. The court said, “New York law is stuck in a bygone era where the women always had primary custody and men always paid support.”

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