Normally in medical malpractice cases, there are set deadlines as to how long after an accident that a party may bring a suit to a court. These are known as statutes of limitations. A Court of Claims Judge recently made an exception to this due to individual circumstances, as reported by a January 24, 20123 New York Law Journal article.

A woman died at the hospital after a car accident. Naturally, her husband was in grief. Beyond mourning, he had to adjust to taking care of four children alone. A law firm took four months to review the case before it worked to submit it to court. Usually, it takes less time than this. After this accident, a special expert witness was needed to evaluate the case. This evaluation, included a written affidavit, a statement to the court, but it took a long time because the death was very complex. Additionally, the husband’s state caused the review of the case to take longer. Therefore, the judge was reasonable in giving the plaintiff extra time to prepare for court.

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