Some people fail to understand that not paying child support is a very serious matter. If people fail to pay child support, then it accumulates and they can end up serving serious jail time, depending on the state and its requirements. However, an issue that arises is whether they will serve jail time, if the amount owed is based on an error in the system which not their fault at all.

For many people child support payments are taken directly from their paychecks; thus they are usually up to date with their payments. One father who resides in Texas has child support payments taken directly from his paycheck, but due to an error in the system, an amount less than the required amount was taken, as reported by the Huffington Post in a January 21, 2014 article.

Thus, the father was recently notified that he owed about $3,000 in child support. As a result, he tried his best to pay it off immediately, which he did. He even paid a little extra just to avoid getting into trouble. The father also tried to settle the matter, but the other party did not want to, rather the person wanted about close to $4,000 for attorney fees.  The matter went to court, and the court found that the father should serve jail time of about half-a-year. This is the most that one can serve in the state of Texas for failing to pay child support.

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