In 2012, a truck driver got into an altercation with another truck driver. The first driver was at home when another truck driver who was working came onto the other man’s property with his truck asking for directions. In the end, the off-duty driver was killed by the truck.

The man was on the side runner boards of the truck, according to the on-duty truck driver who was very scared at the time because the two men were fighting. He said the man fell off of this board and ended up underneath the truck. Unfortunately, the man at home was somehow struck by the truck. He sustained serious injuries in his abdomen and pelvis. These in turn led to a heart attack that claimed his life and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The executor of the man’s estate, his widow, claimed that the on-duty truck driver had been negligent in his operation of the truck. The widow sued the truck driver’s company. She alleged that he trucking company was a party responsible for the accident as its driver was working while her husband was killed by the truck.

The woman sued to recover damages attributed to a wrongful-death. Of these damages, $400,000 were requested for lost wages. Additionally, she tried to sue for monetary damages related to pain and suffering but did not specify an amount for category of damages. In the end, the executor settled the case for $760,000. $10,000 came from the employer of the truck driver, and the trucking company’s insurance company paid the rest.

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