A man was bitten and injured by a pit bull watchdog at a supply yard in Queens, NY according to the New York Law Journal on February 8, 2016. As a result, the man sued the owner of the property as well as several of its tenants. The man claimed that, due to the dog’s prior vicious behavior, the parties knew that the dog was dangerous and should have kept him chained, or restrained, in some form. The landlord said he was not aware of the watchdog’s vicious behavior as he was rarely at the property.

The man claimed that the pit bull attacked him without provocation and two witnesses concurred. One man, the injured man’s brother, however, claimed that the injured man provoked the dog with a chain.

The defendant suffered injuries in two of his fingers and required multiple medical procedures and extensive physical therapy. He also claimed that the injury exacerbated previous injuries. The man also needed spinal fusion surgeries and a bone graft. He still has pain, has a limited range of motion and has to wear a back brace. As a  result, he says that cannot work, but the landlord and the tenant’s medical expert asserts that some injuries were preexisting conditions and that the man can still perform everyday activities, meaning, in the expert’s opinion, he did not have a limited range of motion.

The man sought nearly $800,000 in future medical expenses and over $800,000 in lost future earnings. He did not sue for a specific amount with respect to past expenses or for pain and suffering. In the end, the man and the defendants and their insurance company agreed to a $1.35 million pretrial settlement.

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