An attorney’s duty is to represent his or her client zealously and to the best of his or her ability. If the attorney fails to do so, then the client can bring a legal malpractice action against his or her attorney for his or her negligence and/ or breach of fiduciary duties.

A former client of McKenna Long and Aldridge’s law firm recently brought a legal malpractice action against the international based law firm, which is located in the United States, for about three and a half million dollars as reported by Thomson Reuters News and Insight in a June 5, 2013 article.

The law firm provided legal representation to the former client, which is a tool company, located in Connecticut, in a case involving “a patent dispute with its competitor,” a company that provides washing equipment.  The competitor brought the action in 2004 and the defense raised by the law firm was that the competitor’s patents were “invalid because the company had failed to disclose material information to the US Patent and Trademark Office when it filed its patent applications.” However, the competitor disproved this by actually providing proof that the information was disclosed.  As a result, the court instructed the law firm’s client to pay legal costs to the competition to respond to the defense raised. After this, the client hired a new attorney and the client eventually won however, the client lost about three and a half million dollars due to the firm’s negligence.  The former client claims, in its lawsuit against its former attorney, that its attorney “relied on a baseless and frivolous defense.”   The law firm’s spokesperson claimed that the firm represented the client to the best of its abilities and it did not do anything wrong.

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