An article retrieved from revealed that New York is one of the no fault states that recognizes the no fault car accident liability insurance policy which could see a rise in insurance premiums of both parties affected by an accident.

This type of coverage states that it is the responsibility of each person’s car insurance company to cover the cost of the insured regardless of who caused the accident. It typically covers the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of the insurance policy meaning medical bills and lost wages if you missed days from work.

You would then have to sue the person at fault to recover for damages to your motor vehicle.  You could suffer an increase in your insurance premium after being hit by a careless driver even if you have maintained a perfect driving history throughout your time as a licensed driver. If your insurance company decides that you are partially responsible for the accident, then your rates may go up. If your responsibility for the accident is minimal, then your rates will not go up.  They say the policy is geared toward lowering legal costs but wouldn’t you rather have well informed experienced legal representation to secure your best interest if you were involved in an accident?

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