Recently many states across the country have started to review their alimony laws, specifically focusing on eliminating lifelong alimony payments.

Lifelong alimony, better referred to as permanent alimony, is exactly how it sounds. After a married couple is divorced, the spouse that is financial well off or better established continues to support their ex for the remainder of their natural life. Generally, permanent alimony ends upon the death of either of the ex-spouses. Some states allow for alimony payments to end if the spouse who is receiving such payment remarries or begins to live someone in a romantic way. The theory behind this is, the spouse is obtaining financial benefits elsewhere.

In a present review of these laws, many state legislatures are voting to limit these lifetime payment plans to only rare cases. One primary factor that appears to be upheld across the country is if the receiving spouse is unable to work due to a disability. Another issue that is being reviewed is whether the paying spouse should have to continue paying once they have retired. At this time many states do not have any clauses that deal with this fact, yet it is something that greatly affects a person who has been ordered to continue to pay lifetime alimony.

Some states, like Florida, now have non-for prohibit groups forming to push the state governments to reform their laws. Many of these organizations carry the message that these laws kill people’s desire to work hard and do well because if their marriage ends, then they will have to pay for their success. In two cases, doctors reported that they refused to expand their practices because that would require them to make higher alimony payments. It is issues like these that make the public want to change the current laws. A few states have already reformed or done away with their alimony payment system, yet the number is much higher for states whose alimony laws date back decades. With the economy turning around it is time for legislature to do the same with their alimony practices.

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