Before a medical malpractice case will appear before a court in Utah, the filing party must first go through a pre-litigation panel, as reported by Salt Lake Tribune in a February 21, 2013 new article.

This panel is to help rid the court system of frivolous suits. The panel will help decide whether or not the filing party has standing and enough evidence to bring the case. Lawmakers have added this new step because many filing parties were naming defendants in the suit who had no fault in the matter.

However, this new step will also provide the filing party with more protection from the statute of limitation. If the claim is filed and additional evidence is found throughout the process, then the filing party will be allowed to bring it in at another time. Additionally, if this new evidence shows that another is at fault, then it will allow the filing party to add more defendants to the claim.  Lawmakers stated that this new law is the state’s way of creating a compromise between the patients and doctors treating them. The bill will provide legal protection for both parties without causing harm to the other party.

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