According to a article published on March 29, 2013, a jury awarded $813,000 to a woman who lost her foot after by her local physician’s wrongful diagnosis.

The injury arose after the woman went to the doctor in 2004 complaining of pain. According to the court papers during the first meeting the doctor failed to give her a proper exam.  The doctor diagnosed her with terminal cancer; however, it was later revealed that the woman was suffering from pneumonia. The doctor’s failure to properly treat the woman resulted in her lapsing into a coma and having her left foot amputated.

Upon awakening from her coma the woman filed a complaint against the doctor. The complaint appeared before a trial in 2008. The jury reached a favorable decision for the woman. However, the presiding justice called for a retrial after learning of jury improperly discussing the matter. The case went before a second jury where they once again ruled in the woman’s favor.  In addition to the monetary relief, the doctor who has since retired was fined by the state board.

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