Recently, a mother sent her adopted son back to Russia. She claimed that he was disturbed. Even after cycling through several attorneys, she never paid the proper child support according to a July 13, 2012 Washington Post article. The seven-year-old son now lives in a group home just outside of Moscow.

The mother was recently in court after appealing the previous child support payment order of $150,000. The order was upheld and the judge noted that the mother did not cooperate in court, not showing up for previous court dates. In court, the mother and her own mother, explained that the son wanted to kill them and burn down their house. The mother claimed the boy tried to kill his aunt.

While the mother never called the police or the Department of Children’s Services, she tried to get a psychologist for the boy, but was unwilling to wait 6 weeks for a visit.

This case has implications for international adoptions, not only rage in this case, but for the laws. Russia just passed laws that give them a greater say in international adoptions. The mother may appeal or try to modify the court decision.

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