family court claimA Family Court Judge has decided that there should not be a further finding based on a claim that a teenage girl that disappeared during the middle of the trial on the basis that she was sexually abused when she was a child. New York Administrative of Children Services sticks to the claim that the teenager Sabrina’s stepfather Ruben R. had sexually abused her since she was 5 years old and her two younger siblings. ACS always claims that Sabrina’s mother Melody R. was aware of the abuse and neglected to do anything about the abuse. On November 13, 2012 a Brooklyn Family Court threw out ACS’ petition according to the New York Law Journal from November 26, 2012. The reason that the family court decided that way was because of the actions of Sabrina before she could be fully cross-examined by Ruben R. attorney or Melody’s lawyer could have questioned, Sabrina ran away from her foster home. The court decided on the question whether or not Sabrina’s statement can be treated as an out of court statement if it would have been corroborated sufficiently. But after the court’s consideration they concluded that there was not enough evidence. Sabrina testified in December 2010 that the abuse begun when she was five and went on throughout the years. Sabrina also said that she ran away from the house 3 times because of her bad relationship with her mom and the abuse from her stepfather. After a scheduled fact finding two weeks prior Sabrina ran away and was still missing the day of the fact finding session. The judge also ruled that he would not reopen her testimony.

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