An actress while in Greenwich Village, New York, injured both of her wrists and had to undergo surgery and physical therapy when she tripped and fell on a defective sidewalk as reported by the New York Law Journal in an April 22, 2013 article.

As a result, she sued the owner of the premises and the commercial tenant claiming that they both failed to take care of the sidewalk, and they were the ones who “created a dangerous condition that caused her accident.” The owner of the premise was dismissed from the case and the injured person alleged that the sidewalk was “uneven”   by about two inches.  In addition, the injured actress alleged that the tenant was aware of the condition and did nothing about it. However, the tenant claimed that he did not know about it. Also, the tenant claimed that the actress was drunk, and she regularly visited his premises so she should have known about the defect.

The actress wanted to recover for her pain and suffering, both in the past and the future. Eventually, the case was settled for $400,000.

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