Every year, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles presents accident statistics that cover a wide variety of operating scenarios. In 2012, over 6,000 bicycle accidents caused by vehicles occurred on New York highways and street, 45 of which turned out fatal. Add the number of times bicyclists hit stationary objects such as trees and telephones, as well as pedestrians, and we have myriad scenarios where bicyclists end up in harm’s way.

How should bicyclists handle the aftermath of a bicycle accident?

Call the police

You need to call law enforcement to file a thorough police report. Law enforcement documentation becomes the primary evidence if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. Police officers also can help find drivers that have prematurely left the scene of a bicycle accident.

Seek medical attention immediately

You might feel normal, but many bicycle accident injuries display symptoms hours after an accident. Head injuries especially take time to appear. Seeking immediate medical attention reduces the chances of incurring long lasting debilitating injuries.

Exchange contact information

Seattle-based attorney and rabid cyclist, John Duggan (www.active.com), learned first hand that exchanging contact information represents a critical step in the aftermath of a bicycle accident. He strongly urges victims of a bicycle accident to exchange contact information with the driver or pedestrian involved in the crash. The information to trade includes names, phone numbers, insurance companies, and license plate number.

What your New York attorney needs

Acquiring and preserving evidence becomes a paramount concern, after you take care of the preliminary matters in the aftermath of a bicycle accident. Your attorney needs photographs of the scene, as well as any injuries you have sustained. Take shots of the damage caused to your bicycle, as the photographic evidence helps you recover money lost by the accident. Most personal injury attorneys recommend that you send all of the equipment to your attorney to verify photographic evidence.

Knowing what to do in the aftermath of a bicycle accident goes a long way towards receiving compensation for personal injuries and equipment damage. Always make consulting with an experienced personal injury New York attorney the first item on your to-do list.

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