Normally you look forward to Father’s Day, but if this is the first time you’ve celebrated it since your divorce, then you may be wondering how you’re going to manage. These feelings can be even more difficult if you are the noncustodial parent or you share custody but the kids live with their mom. Sometimes, you may feel more like a visitor than a dad.

While you may be counting down to June 16 with unease, planning ahead can help dispel the anxiety and sense of awkwardness. Regardless of whether or not you will be seeing your kids on that day, we’ve listed some ideas that can make this Father’s Day one to remember with joy instead of dread.

If you have the kids that day

If you’re lucky enough to have the kids with you all day, there are enough Father’s Day events going on in New York to ensure a non-stop celebration. From dedicated breakfasts and brunches to organized events like hiking and pottery making, you will find options that everyone will enjoy. If the kids are younger, then you can have a special day at home, complete with crafts, movies, pizza, and other things that smaller children love.

If you aren’t able to spend the entire day with them for some reason, then remember that quality time is what really counts. Devote those hours to activities of special significance and make the most of them. No matter how you decide to spend the day, take a lot of pictures and text them to the kids afterward, so that everyone can remember what a good time you all had together.

If you won’t see the kids

If you now live too far away to spend Father’s Day with your kids or you’re away on business, then there are ways that you can have a long-distance celebration. You can text or Skype with them, play games online, and even watch a movie together. Afterward, get together with other divorced dads if possible, or indulge in an activity you enjoy, such as driving through the countryside, going to the gym, or watching your favorite TV series on Netflix.

If your father is still living and is close by, then why not spend the day with him, like you did when you were younger? Not only will this visit be comforting for both of you, but it’s also a reminder that he is always there for you, like you are for your own kids.

Whatever your situation on Father’s Day, there are ample opportunities to create positive memories, both alone and with the kids. Even if money is an issue, there are ways of conveying your love for them that cost nothing but have immeasurable value.

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