Speed increases both the risk and severity of a car crash. Aside from being against the law, speeding can put you and others at serious risk. This is true even if there are no other risk factors, like distractions or adverse weather conditions, in play at the time of the accident.

Across high-income countries, speed accounts for about one-third of highway fatalities. Increasing your speed just slightly beyond the speed limit can increase the risk of a crash. It might seem like a minor infraction to hit the roads going faster than legal limits, but it can also be catastrophic. Don’t let a serious accident leave you suffering from an injury.

Speeding makes it more difficult to control the vehicle, and it also pulls your focus away from other drivers or passengers on the road. Not being able to spot an oncoming obstacle means that by the time you realize you are headed for trouble in the form of an accident, it is too late. Speeding is never a good idea, but your risk for injuries are amplified when there are other factors involved.

Parents can help to discourage speeding by modeling good behavior for teenage drivers. Since teens already face such high risks on the road, teens should always be rewarded for safe driving. Having a driving contract that discuss the dangers of speeding is one way to introduce this concept for teens. In addition to the unexpected costs associated with a speeding ticket or a spike in insurance, teens might also end up paying for their speeding behavior for years if someone else is injured in the accident. The bottom line is that it is not worth the risk. Rather than facing all the negative ramifications associated with speeding, abide by the laws and travel safely at all times.

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