Maintaining real property has always been aesthetically pleasing. In modern day New York, it may prove to be financially prudent, as well. As in a January 28, 2013, New York Law Journal article, neglecting to preserve one’s real property may lead to accidents. Accidents may cause severe injury, which can be extremely costly. In Russo v. Zopf, the latter, which is the owner of the property, was deemed liable for the cost of the injuries, due to negligence. Negligence is when an entity does not use a reasonable level of care. In this case it was determined that the owner did not exhibit the level of care needed to prevent someone who was utilizing the premise, from injury. The property’s stairs were visibly rotted, as confirmed by the owner. The injured party sustained serious injury, to his right ankle. The damage caused the injured party to miss time from work and also affected the performance of household chores. The injured party also suffered personal injury espoused with pain and suffering. Comparative negligence is applied in accidents, to determine responsibility and damages based on the negligence of every party involved.

The injured party’s damages totaled $15,000. The jury decided that the real property owner was liable for 55 percent of the accident, as compared to the injured party’s 45 percent liability, due to negligence. The injured party ultimately received a reduced net recovery of $8,250, due to their responsibility in the accident. This was restitution for the loss of income, medical bills, and other inconveniences, due to the injury which occurred because of the negligent property owner.

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