Many people in New York City run to keep in shape and/or to reduce heart or health problems. Many runners listen to music while running, which makes the run seem shorter and less intense, and which increases one’s endorphins. The music that  the runners listen to can be distracting or too loud which prevents them from hearing or focusing on what is going on around them.  If one is unable to hear what is going on around them, then he or she has a higher chance of getting into an accident which may or may not be life threatening. “Doctors have definitely seen an increase in the number of runners who had accidents while wearing headphones” as reported by the Daily Intelligencer in a May 31, 2013 article.

There was also a recent study done which indicated that the number of “injuries among pedestrians wearing headphones tripled between 2004 and 2011.”  The study also revealed that a majority of the accident occurred “in urban areas.”

Wearing headphones while in public, whether it is while running, jogging, or walking can be very distracting as people tend to focus more on what is being played through their headphones rather than concentrating on what is going on around them. As a result, they can sustain minor injuries or life threatening injuries.

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