Florida has joined the grass-roots movement among several other states on re-evaluating their alimony laws, as reported in a March 4th, 2012 New York Times article.

Florida lawmakers are pushing to redo the state’s current alimony laws to better reflect the living and working situations for today’s times. Two of the biggest changes purposed for the new alimony system are: to restrict the ability to receive lifelong alimony payments and rewrite the wording so the laws do not favor women.

Massachusetts was one of the major states that started the alimony change movement. Last year the state rewrote a majority of their alimony laws, making it harder for an individual to receive high payments for long periods of time. New Jersey and Connecticut were next in altering their alimony laws, both gained momentum after Massachusetts lobbyists began petitioning other states.

The movement has now increased significantly with multiple state and national advocacy groups forming and petitioning their local governments. Two major factors have now been added to many spousal maintenance laws, standard of living and salary income. Now when a petitioning party seeks alimony the court will look at the standard of living they had during the marriage and the amount of money they could be making based on their work experience and education level. Based on these factors courts have the discretion to deny or adjust alimony payments.

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