This has been a terrible year for car manufacturers, a slew of which have made national headlines as a result of dangerous and defective products. GM has been one of those manufacturers, accused of manufacturing products that have been connected to more than 100 deaths.

After more than one year of looking into the specific problems with GM ignitions, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) is owning up to their end of the problem. Their alleged actions or lack of action are responsible for these cars going without repairs for longer than ten years. The specific problem has to do with the ignition switch, which can turn off suddenly and stall the engine. Individuals who have witnessed this in their vehicles have gone on to suffer grave injuries or even death as a result of losing control of the car.

Certainly, GM is getting most of the blame as the creator and producer of the defective parts, but it’s clear that regulators could have done more and chose not to. The NHTSA recently admitted, for example, that although it was clear there was a serious defect in the vehicles, the agency did not flex its full regulatory power to hold GM accountable.

As a result, the government is reviewing investigation procedures and processes for following up with a company accused of such egregious errors so that regulators have clear action steps should a situation like this emerge again (which is likely to happen, given the current landscape of auto manufacturing defects).

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx admitted that there was a lot of room for improvement on the regulator’s side, which has led to a review of internal procedures and recommendations for working with manufacturers on these issues in the future. Unfortunately, for the loved ones of those killed, this seems like too little, too late.

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