Father’s Day is a vibrant celebration of the relationship between dads and their children. Although the reason why Father’s Day is so special does not change after divorce, the way you celebrate the day may be different than the years before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing- you all have an opportunity to share and enjoy new experiences.

Here are some tips for creating fun and lasting memories with the kids.

Leave the past where it belongs

If your marriage did not end on amicable terms, then it’s normal to harbor some resentment towards your spouse for a long time after the divorce. Put that aside on Father’s Day, which should be about you and the kids and no one else. Focus instead on having fun and creating new traditions that you will all enjoy for years to come.

Quality is what really matters

If you’re unable to spend the entire day with the children, make the most of the time you do have. If it’s only a few hours, then why not go out for brunch and an age-appropriate movie? Many towns and cities also have special free events on Father’s Day. Whatever you decide, try to plan something with special significance for all of you.

Go high-tech

Are you unable to be with the kids personally on Father’s Day? Perhaps you live too far away, you’ve had to travel for work, or you’ve been laid up in bed with a cold that you don’t want them to catch. Whatever the reason, a video call using FaceTime or Google Hangouts can provide the contact that you all need. There are even programs that let you sync streaming movies and watch them together, using a chat box for conversation. Uptime, Rabb.it, and Watch2Gether are great examples.

Don’t obsess about money

If you’re like a lot of men, divorce has left you on a tighter budget than before. If you can’t afford a five-course brunch or entire day at an amusement park, then don’t stress about it. There are plenty of affordable and even free activities that you can all enjoy, like pizza for lunch, watching Netflix or TV together, or going to a museum.

There’s no question that Father’s Day can be challenging for divorced dads, especially during the first year or two after divorce. Once you accept this fact and start being both practical and creative, you can come up with a multitude of ways to show the kids that you love them and will always be there for them. Don’t let anger, distance, or money concerns affect your relationship with them. Instead, let Father’s Day be an opportunity for making it even more special.

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