In December 2011, a woman who worked for a Manhattan advertising firm was killed in an elevator accident. While on her way back to her office, the elevator moved a few floors upwards and unfortunately killed the woman.

Just before the accident, Transel Elevator and Electric was working on the elevator. The family of the victim has alleged several mistakes by Transel in their court papers. According to a January 29, 2012 article they include:

  • “Failing to post signs that they (the repair crew) were repairing the elevator.

  • Not contracting the NYC Department of Buildings to schedule a mandatory inspection before putting the elevator back into service.

  • Leaving a “jumper” wire in the elevator that was used to bypass the safety circuit.

  • Failing to put up caution tape inside the elevators.

  • Operating the elevator without a certificate of compliance.

  • Not obtaining a work permit for reduced travel on the elevators.”

The city has given the company 23 safety violations after conducting an investigation. It also took away the license of Transel co-owner John Fichera. In addition to Fichera, the lawsuit named five other individuals and the company as defendants.

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