Family Cuort

In New York State, there is a family court located in each of its five boroughs, in addition to the numerous family courts that are located upstate. Today New York City’s family court, which handles disputes that include but not are not limited to divorce, child abuse, child support, paternity, adoptions, and order of protections has made its fiftieth anniversary, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a September 17th, 2012 news article.

Today, there was a celebration at the New York State Family Court of Appeals in Albany which was sponsored by the New York Star Bar Association and the Unified Court system.  When the court had opened up in 1962, in its first year there were a total of less than a thousand court filings. However, by the year 2010 that number had increased to about seven hundred thousand. Also, when the court opened up, it had about eighty three judges and that number has increased to about one hundred and forty three today, with about an additional forty three judges who can hear cases from different jurisdictions.

At the celebration, some of the key speakers include but are not limited to former Chief Judge Judith Kaye and Chief Judge Jonathan Lippmann who are two people who had supported increasing the age from sixteen to eighteen for when minors become legally responsible for their criminal activity or actions. This is such a momentous event in history that a second celebration is scheduled and will be held on Thursday in the New York City.