A New York judge ruled that a party in same-sex union did not have any obligations to the union’s child, as reported in an August 1st, 2011, New York Law Journal article.
The same-sex couple entered into a civil union, during which one of the parties adopted his biological niece in 2005 with the other party’s consent.
When reviewing the parties’ request for the dissolution of their civil union, the court had to decide, whether the consenting party had any rights or obligations to the adopted child. After reviewing the matter the court ruled that the consenting party did not have any obligations regarding the child.
The court reasoned that the consenting party was not a legal adoptive party nor did he form a parental relationship with the child. Furthermore, neither party requested child support or custody rights. Based on these reasons the court granted the dissolution of the parties’ civil union and concluded that the consenting party had no parental duties to the child.
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