If you file a personal injury claim after an accident in New York, then the witnesses called to support your case can make a pivotal difference in the outcome.

Witnesses to the accident can provide relevant testimony that supports your version of how it happened, who appeared to be at fault and any visible damages that resulted. This is one of the reasons why you should (provided that you are physically able) collect contact details from anyone who witnessed your car accident, slip and fall, or another type of personal injury.

With some injuries, your attorney may recommend the use of expert witness testimony. This type of witness is someone who has the training, experience, knowledge, and/or the ability to qualify as an expert in a particular field. Examples of expert witnesses who are often called to provide evidence in personal injury trials include:

  • Medical doctors: This can include your family doctor, the emergency room physicians who examined you after the accident, and medical specialists such as neurologists who testify regarding brain and spinal cord injuries and orthopedic surgeons who are experts in musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Pain management specialists: If your injuries have left you in chronic pain, then a pain management specialist can testify about its extent and how it impacts your quality of life. This information can strengthen your claim for damages.
  • Rehabilitation specialists: Physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals help you restore functional ability after an injury and can testify about your future rehabilitation needs and their costs.
  • Car accident reconstructionists: These specialists analyze collisions, reconstruct accidents, and provide information about vehicle acceleration, braking, and other conditions related to automobile crashes.
  • Medical examiners: Medical examiners determine a cause of death, which can make their testimony an essential component of a wrongful death case. If someone you love died due to prescription drug error, a defective product, or other cause discoverable in an autopsy, then medical examiner testimony can help.
  • Forensic toxicologists: If your personal injury case involves drug interactions, poisoning, or the role of either in a medical malpractice claim, then your personal injury attorney may recommend the testimony of a forensic toxicologist.
  • Phone records analyst: When your attorney suspects that the driver who hit you was texting behind the wheel, a phone records analyst may review that person’s cell phone records to determine whether that was the case.

While expert witnesses are not a required part of a personal injury case, their testimony can be beneficial when you’re seeking damages for a car accident, product liability case, medical malpractice suit, or other situation that changed your life forever. Your New York personal injury attorney will advise you on whether or not an expert is recommended to help you receive the damages that your case deserves. Jayson Lutzky is a Bronx attorney handling personal injury cases. If you were injured, first seek medical treatment. Then, consult with an attorney. You may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages. To set up an appointment with Mr. Lutzky, call 718-514-6619 or visit www.MyNewYorkCityLawyer.com.