A wealthy Long Island, New York man passed away in 2007 leaving large amounts of money to his grandchildren and their decedents. One catch in the will, though, might exclude one grandchild. That grandchild is the son of a gay couple and was born to a surrogate mother according to the August 27, 2012 edition of the New York Law Journal.

The will says that unless the father of this grandchild is married to the child’s birth mother within six months of birth, the child will not receive the inheritance. It can be argued that technically, the family can receive the inheritance because the birth certificates list the biological father as “Father/Parent” and the partner as “Mother/Parent.” Additionally, the two were married within six months of the birth.

To frame the case in another light, t-he father filed a petition in court that said that this exception in the will could “induce the beneficiary to enter into a sham marriage of convenience” and so that exception in the will should be invalid.

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