According to a new American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) report, more lawyers are obtaining information about the opposing party from online dating sites. The report states that 59% of the country’s top divorce attorneys reported their increased use of collecting relevant evidence from sites like

This type of evidence has started to become more common in the last three years. A majority of the attorneys stated that they search first and focus on what the opposing party listed as their “relationship status.” Many of these attorneys stated that they use this information against the opposing party’s honesty and credibility. For example, if the opposing party is listed as single rather than separated or married, then they argue that the party is known to embellish or lie. Another piece of information that these attorneys search for is whether the opposing party states they have children or not. One attorney noted that if this information is listed inaccurately on the profile, then he would note that as a reason that party should not get full custody.

Other information obtained includes the party’s stated salary and occupation, which can be used as admissions for financial disputes like child support or spousal maintenance.

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