Elevators and escalators certainly make life much more convenient, but it is a mistake to overlook the risks they pose to passengers. When used properly, these forms of transportation can provide a safe alternative to walking or climbing stairs, but misuse or poor manufacturing or improper design or maintenance could cause critical injuries.

Three of the biggest accident risks for escalators and elevators are getting caught, falling, or malfunctions that can knock down or throw off a passenger. A passenger could suffer serious injuries that cause them to be in pain, rack up medical bills, and miss time at work. Sustaining these injuries from a preventable accident might entitle a victim to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Up to twenty percent of the accidents that occur on escalators lead to a passenger being caught in the machinery, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Getting caught includes being stuck at the top or bottom of an escalator or being pinned between a moving stair and the sidewall. Young children are most at risk of the dangers associated with these accidents.

Falls, in general, are quite common, but a moving escalator or elevator can make it even more dangerous. Especially if the doors of an elevator open but the carriage is not there, then an individual could fall or slip and sustain major injuries. Escalators, too, are a source of fall risk. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that three-quarters of accidents happening on escalators are a result of falls. Improper manufacturing or improper design or or maintenance could heighten injury risk.

Finally, any malfunctions involving an elevator or escalator can jolt passengers or cause them to slam into one another. There are many different kinds of injuries that can result from this, especially if the machine suddenly stops and then begins moving again. Injured passengers could be entitled to compensation. If you were injured on an escalator or an elevator, contact the law offices of Jayson Lutzky, P.C. Mr. Lutzky has over 32 years of legal experience and has helped recover millions for victims of accidents. Visit www.MyNewYorkCityLawyer.com to learn more about the attorney. He offers free in-person initial consultations at his Bronx, NY office or at your hospital or home of you have been sersiouly injured.