Scrambler Therapy, formally known as “Calmare Pain Therapy” is an electrical treatment for physical pain. It is typically used for pain caused by cancer treatments, chemotherapy and certain types of pains that are drug-resistant according to the therapy’s website. This therapy is different from other pain-reducing therapies at its core because it is a “biomedical approach” that affects the nervous system. Whether or not an insurance company would be required to pay about $3,500 for Scrambler Therapy for a no-fault insured patient was the subject of a recent court case according to the New York Law Journal.

The therapy provider sued the car insurance company for payment for the treatment, which the court said was new and controversial. In determining if the court would order payment for the treatment, the court wanted to know if this form of treatment was a legitimate way to alleviate pain.

The insurance company claimed that the treatment was not right, that it was “questionable” and “not medically necessary.” The court ruled against the car insurance company, however. The insurance company’s expert witness emphasized that it may not be cost effective as the reason why it should not be used and paid for as opposed to saying it was not medically effective. Therefore, the court found little reason to deem this new treatment was medically ineffective and little reason it should not be paid for.

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