In December 2016, three people were killed and five injured in a multi-vehicle pile-up on the Cross Bronx Expressway. The accident, which closed all lanes for nearly six hours, occurred at around 5:45 a.m. near Jerome and Webster Avenues. A Ford pickup truck was caught between two tractor-trailers, crushing it and killing three men inside. One of the tractor-trailers crashed into a Toyota Corolla and pinned it against the median.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is not an isolated event. Several serious accidents have taken place on the Cross Bronx Expressway over the years. The most recent one occurred on February 11, 2019, when one person was killed and another seriously injured after a crash involving at least six vehicles. All westbound lanes were shut for around eight hours.

A 2017 study found that the Cross Bronx Expressway has the worst congestion in the country. Inrix, which provides mobile applications and Internet services that pertain to driver services and road traffic, found that travelers on the expressway sat in traffic longer than on any other road in the country. The stretch between Exit 6A to Exit 2 was especially bad, with drivers wasting an average of 86 hours a year stuck in traffic there.

Even the New York Times agreed that the road had a terrible reputation. In 2002 it ran an article on the subject that included the following commentary.

If you are absolutely sure you are in hell, however, then you must be on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

According to the State Department of Transportation, the expressway, which was built between 1948 and 1963, carries 184,000 cars a day. If you have to travel on it, especially during rush hour, then the following safety tips are recommended:

  • Try to avoid driving during adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or fog.
  • Leave as much room as possible between your vehicle and the one in front.
  • Merge onto the freeway only after you have turned on your signals and confirmed that you have both an opening and a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Maintain the same speed as the flow of traffic.
  • If you need to pass another vehicle, then pass on the left.
  • Avoid other driver’s blind spots.
  • Do not stop on the shoulders or ramps unless it is an emergency

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