In February of 2011, a New York State Assembly representative introduced a bill that would have made bicycle insurance mandatory for cyclists. The bill’s primary purpose was “ensuring personal protection for cases such as bicycle theft or bicycle accidents. With a recent high increase in bike use on roads, rising from 30% in 1980, and doubling to 60% just ten years later, it is essential that the state of New York be able to identify the bicycle riders.”

The intent of the bicycle insurance bill received little opposition, but it became mired in controversy because of the following clause.

“The annual registration of personal bicycles and provides for a license plate fee of twenty-five dollars for the first year and five dollars for every year thereafter.” To get the license plate, cyclists would need to get their bicycles inspected to make sure they “conform to the lamp and equipment requirements.”

The bill never made it through the New York State Assembly and as of May 2015, the State of New York does not require cyclists to purchase insurance. However, that doesn’t mean buying bike insurance is a bad idea.

Benefits of bike insurance

Advanced bicycle technologies combined with additional features that enhance riding experiences have pushed several bike models above $1,000. Insuring a bike worth more than a grand makes sense, even if politicians avoid imposing mandates for cyclists to purchase insurance.

Theft protection

Bikes have moved up the list of most popular things to steal, as high quality materials perform well on the black market. Bicycle theft insurance is a no brainer for cyclists that live in urban areas.

Bicycle damage

The growing number of cyclists has created the classic congestion problem experienced by motorists. An increase in bikes increases the number of bicycle accidents. Although you may escape an accident scratch free, your bike may look more like a pretzel. Bicycle damage insurance save cyclists money, especially cyclists that own higher end bikes.

Accident injuries

Out of pocket health care costs can turn a financially stable household into a money basket case. Cycling poses several hazards, with running into motor vehicles at the top of the hazard list. Smart cyclists cover the worst-case injury scenarios by purchasing personal accident insurance.

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