A doctor denied that the court had jurisdiction over him for a medical malpractice suit filed against him, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a March 5, 2013 news article.

The claim arose when the petitioning woman’s bladder was punctured during a C-Section. The doctor argued that he was not a New York doctor, but actually practiced and lived in Pennsylvania. However, the medical records reflected that this doctor was working at the New York hospital the day the medical malpractice claim arose. From the record it shows that the doctor was working under the management of another doctor who was performing a C-Section on the petitioning woman.

Additionally, the court found that the doctor was properly served a summons and complaint regarding this issue by serving the other hospital and managing doctor on behalf of the other doctor. Under New York law the court found that the doctor was properly served thus put on actual notice of the claim. The court ruled that the case may proceed forward.

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