Texting while driving is very dangerous behavior, and while most Americans can agree on this fact, it iss till a behavior that happens all too often. When the eyes and focus are pulled away from the road, the driver is at risk of losing control of the car and causing serious accidents.

Legislators supporting texting bans in their locales and states argue that texting bans reduce the number of incidents associated with texting and driving. One of the most important things impacting whether a texting ban is effective has to do with the structure and the penalties associated with enforcement.

When members of the public feel that the penalties associated with texting and driving, in addition to the perceived enforcement of the law, texting behavior is likely to decrease. One of the most effective structures used to limit texting and driving are laws that allow for an immediate pull over by the police when an individual spots someone using their cell phone behind the wheel.

Bans against texting and driving have been sweeping the country in recent years, with 45 states plus the District of Columbia outlawing the behavior. Big declines in the behavior have been spotted across all age ranges, but the age group in focus are adults between the ages of 25 and 40.

Texting and driving not only pulls the focus away from the road, but it prevents a driver from being able to perceive risks and respond to them accordingly. Changing weather conditions or oncoming traffic, for example, might present serious challenges for a driver who has only looked away from the road for just a few seconds.

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