A Brooklyn Supreme Court ruled that a divorcing wife was allowed to sue her husband for theft of an academic paper, reported the New York Law Journal in an April 11th, 2011 article.
Prior to getting married the couple worked together researching and writing an academic paper in hopes of getting it published. At that time the paper was denied for publish. However, while the couple was separated the husband wrote another academic paper similar to the previous paper without the wife’s permission. This paper was published and the helped secure the husband tenure in his employment.
The wife filed a complaint to the court for wrongful use of the paper. The wife argued that the new publication prevented the wife from using the original paper in her benefit as well. King’s County Justice Sunshine ruled that the wife did lose the ability to use the paper for her benefit but rejected her request for straight monetary damages.
The wife is now able to sue her future ex-husband for damages that resulted from his use of the couple’s paper.
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