Even if you have never been through a divorce before, you might not be surprised to learn that it can take a significant toll on your mental health. Watching loved ones or friends live through the experience is frequently enough insight to warn you that it is very important to care for yourself during a divorce.

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of divorce has to do with the major decisions made about your future. This involves child custody, division of property, or awards of spousal support. With so much uncertainty during a divorce, you might begin to feel the dissolution impacting your mental and physical health.

The first signs of deteriorating mental health may be fatigue, lack of desire to complete projects, high levels of anxiety that keep you from being able to enjoy your life, or changes in weight or appetite. When you discover these issues, you may want to consult with a therapist or other mental health professional to learn more about the activities you can do to support yourself and your well-being during this difficult time. Exercise, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet can go a long way towards supporting your mental state.

Hiring a New York divorce attorney who understands your needs and works hard to represent them in court is an essential piece of the puzzle. Having faith in your legal counsel from the outset goes a long way towards reducing your fear and anxiety and giving you a sense of confidence about how your case is being handled. Although hiring the right attorney is not the only step you should take to support yourself mentally during a divorce, it is an important one. Make sure you choose a divorce attorney who provides personalized attention and commitment to your case.

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