By now most people are aware, or should be aware, that some divorces can be expensive, messy and lengthy. As a result, if a settlement is reached, then it can be very difficult for one party to find the money to provide to the other party as ordered by the court in the divorce settlement.

Recently, one of the highest ranking officers in the company Best Buy, Hubert Jay, was forced to sell about close to half a million shares of stock in order to comply with and finance the settlement reached in his divorce, as reported by CNN Money in a September 11, 2013 article. The sale of the stocks brought in a little over $16 million.  However, the officer had to pay a fee on this transaction, and the fee was a little over $6 million. Thus, in the end he actually made a little over $10 million from this sale. Many people became worried and weary with this huge sales transaction as they thought the company might be in some sort of financial trouble. Therefore, Best Buy made a statement regarding this transaction assuring the public that everything was alright, which it stated that this transaction had occurred by the officer because the officer had to “pay a divorce settlement.” The company further stated that the officer still “remains heavily invested in Best Buy.” Now, the officer owns about one fifth of the company’s stock which is about close to a half a million shares of stock.

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