Most people should be aware of the facts that obtaining a divorce puts an end to their marriage. Moreover, this is one of the main reasons why many people seek assistance from lawyers. However, this is not the case with a Catholic, female, British resident named Mulcahy. Recently Mulcahy obtained a divorce and she claims that she was unaware of the fact that getting a divorce would terminate her marriage, as reported by the Christian Post in a January 14, 2013 article.

As a result, she brought a case against the attorneys that obtained the divorce and Mulcahy claims that they are negligent in their representation of her, since they did not think about her religion when they sought the divorce. Furthermore, Mulcahy claims that her Catholic religion does not allow her get a divorce.  She claims that according to her religion, getting a divorce is one of the biggest sins that one can commit, in addition to breaking the union that the couple entered into when they got married. Thus, if the spouse gets married again, then the public will look and view that person as having an extramarital relationship.

The case was dismissed by the lower court, however, Mulcahy challenged the decision. Additionally, “Mulcahy argued that her lawyers should have recommended judicial separation, an alternative under British law which gives the benefits of a divorce.” It is important to note that judicial separation is not the same as obtaining a divorce, however, many people choose this option due to their religion.

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